Emmaus Ministries

Emmaus Bible Ministries exists to equip the Body of Christ with the Word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ through: inductive bible study, authentic relationships, and community life. We seek to accomplish this mission through 4 different training programs with varying levels of commitment and Bible engagement for any audience or learner.

Our School of Biblical Studies offers the deepest level of engagment, where students spend 20 hours a week, for 10 months, to walk through the whole Bible using the inductive study method. During this time, students attend lectures twice a week, and dive deep into the historical background of each book. They even write their own inductively-informed commentary on certain portions of the text.

Our Biblical Narrative Series is designed to equip students with an overview of every book of the Bible over the course of 14 weekly lectures. This class is designed for both experienced Bible readers and newcomers and seeks to equip students with a big picture view of the Bible, while also exploring important themes and key historical background info for every book.

Our Foundations Course is for those who have gone through our Biblical Narrative Series and desire to continue going deeper in the Biblical story, but may not have the time required to attend our school. In this course, students are provided with an in-depth study of selected foundational books that are key to emphasizing themes and concepts that carry through all of Scripture.

Finally, our Discovery program is made up of introductory seminars. Some of the introductory seminars include topics such as: a Bible Overview, Inductive Bible Study Workshop, or specific book studies. Each seminar is done over the course of about 4 hours.