Emmaus Ministries

Emmaus Ministries exists to equip the body of Christ with the Word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ through: inductive Bible study, authentic relationships, and community life. Promoting Biblical literacy for all is at the heart of our ministry. Whether you’re interested in our full School of Biblical Studies, Biblical Narrative Series, or attending one of our seminars or retreats – you are invited to be a student of the Bible.

School of Biblical Studies

From August – May (10 months), students of our School of Biblical Studies will journey through the entire content and narrative of the Bible. Students utilize the inductive method (IBS) to study each book of the Bible through our classroom, seminars, and retreats. For 20 hours a week, this program integrates academic and spiritual development through one-on-ones, weekly worship, and community meals. On-campus housing is available for students desiring a truly immersive and communal experience. Along with participation in the School of Biblical Studies, students have the opportunity to pursue an internship in a local church through our ministry partnerships. Thinking about pursuing an education through Seminary? Our students will also have the unique chance to gain a seminary scholarship with Asbury Theological Seminary through our program.

Biblical Narrative Series

The Biblical Narrative Series takes participants on a journey through the Bible alongside our School of Biblical Studies students. This weekly series tells the story of the Bible through 14 evening lectures, which provide an overview for understanding the Bible as a whole. These lectures will also explore the themes and settings of the books which make up each part of the story. The Biblical Narrative Series is designed to be open to the public and accessible to all types of learners. No experience required!

Biblical Literacy Program

Emmaus believes in partnering with the vision of local churches and ministries in order to see every believer equipped with essential tools to engage their Bible. This program is brought directly to the local church through our seminars and retreats, designed specifically for congregations. The Biblical Literacy Program consists of the following seminars:

  • Why the Bible MattersFind out why the Bible is essential to the life of a follower of Christ
  • Bible Overview: Understand the history of God and His people from beginning to end
  • How to Study the Bible: Learn how to observe, interpret, and apply the Scriptures for yourself using the inductive study method

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