McRae Family Update (COVID-19 Edition)

Hello everyone, we hope all is well with you amidst all that has happened surrounding COVID-19! It goes without saying that these past couple of weeks have been quite abnormal in many ways. I had planned to write our next update in a few weeks, once I had finished teaching 1 and 2 Timothy for our School, but the circumstances made us feel as though we should send out a quick update for our supporters.

Firstly, we’re ok! In light of the information that’s recently been given by the CDC, advising groups no larger than ten to meet, we decided to extend our students’ Spring Break for the time being. This means that Samantha, Benaiah, and I have adopted the “social distancing” lifestyle for now and are spending most of our time at home, with occasional family outings to play with Benaiah outside.

What I’ve found interesting, as maybe some of you have as well, is that in some ways this practice of social distancing has been a blessing. I, for one, have been greatly enjoying the chance to spend more time with Samantha and Benaiah! It has also served to bring myself and my friends closer in a way, now that we have to put that extra step of effort into meeting our social needs as human beings during a time of social deprivation.

Conversely, as many of you have again probably felt, COVID-19 has reached areas of our lives we never thought we’d have to worry about. It had never occurred to me that when people feel like the world is ending, the first things to go would include toilet paper and diapers. This is especially interesting, since I feel like if we all continued buying the amount of toilet paper and diapers that we usually buy and need, we would all still have toilet paper and diapers…but alas…

One way that I’ve found strength in this time is to increase my life of prayer. I think there’s much to take from Jesus’ example in “seeking lonely places to pray” (Luke 5:16). Sometimes a lonely place is what we need.

Here are some things we’d like to ask you to pray for in this unique time:
1. Toilet paper and diapers
2. As some of you probably know, Samantha and I have been unable to reach our monthly support goal that would allow us to work for Emmaus full time. Because of this, we’ve had to pick up some extra work to help supplement our income. Both of us have side jobs with churches, which have mainly disappeared because how COVID-19 has developed, (as maybe some of you have also experienced!). For the immediate month we are ok, but should the situation take too long to change, we could be in a bit of a financial bind.
3. Community is deeply important to our School here. For some of our out-of-state students, Emmaus is the only real community they have. We’ve been working on ways to stay socially active from a distance and how to continue with the school year as planned, but obviously things would work out best if we could once again operate face-to-face. Please keep our students and ministry in your prayers!
4. The end of our lease is coming! Ahh! As things stand, we can’t afford to move, and our efforts to look around have been greatly hindered by quarantine. It’s not always been very awesome living with Benaiah in a one-bedroom apartment and we’d love to be able to upgrade to 2 rooms!

If you’d like to set up a one-time or recurring donation, click here!

If all else fails in lifting your spirits, here’s a laughing Benaiah with sock hands.

One thought on “McRae Family Update (COVID-19 Edition)

  1. Thank you for the update! We’re continuing to pray for your general health and wellbeing, but will gladly add these new items to the list. Love from the Lees!


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