McRae Family Update (3/1/21)

The past few months have been incredibly eventful in many different ways, both in our lives and in our ministry. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers, as they have been a great encouragement to us!

The Ministry
Since out last update, I’ve had an intense teaching load: Two lectures on the book of Daniel and two lectures on the Gospel according to Matthew for our School of Biblical Studies, and two further lectures on Matthew for our new evening program (Bible Foundations Course).

Daniel has remained one of my favorite books to teach and continues to move my heart with the message of God’s sovereignty every time I read it. This was my first time teaching Matthew, but I was eager to give it a try since it’s my favorite Gospel. Whenever I study to teach a book, it’s inevitable that my heart is ministered to by the specific book I’m reading. Matthew held a timely message for me in presenting Jesus as the true Messiah, in a time and culture when it’s all too easy to create “little messiahs” for ourselves. It was a joy to teach!

Our Ministry has also recently been blessed by a new office space for our staff to work and our students to join us in study. As a ministry that has previously had to “tabernacle” for most of its existence, it’s been amazing to have our own space to settle in.

Family Life
The Good – Samantha’s pregnancy has been progressing smoothly and we’re increasingly excited (and terrified) to meet our new baby! We also recently had the amazing opportunities for Benaiah to spend time with both sets of grandparents (he also got to experience snow for the first time!).

The Less Good – Despite the positive momentum with work and Samantha’s pregnancy, these past few months have brought a number of difficulties.

  • Samantha and I were recently blessed with enough funds to buy a second used car. Though we felt that we had done our due diligence in the process, the car has since been fraught with issues and has placed a greater financial burden upon us.
  • Due to a botched fix done by previous management (and before our lease), our apartment recently suffered from multiple broken pipes and leaks, which led to an extensive process of discerning the problem and fixing it. We also did not have a very positive experience with our management office throughout the ordeal.

But after about a week of staying with some very gracious and wonderful friends, we’re finally back home.

Prayer Requests
Our primary concern right now is the physical and emotional health of Samantha and the coming baby, please pray for them as the time draws near! Second, please pray for the situation with our car, whether that entails paying to have it fixed or trying to resell it. Third, although Samantha and I have received a lot of unexpected financial support these past months (Thank you Jesus!), we continue to remain underfunded and we also experienced the loss of a couple supporters who are unable to continue giving during these difficult times. Please pray for our finances as we continue to seek to do God’s will here with Emmaus Bible Ministries.

Thank you all again for your love. Despite the struggles, Samantha and I have felt incredibly blessed by the support we’ve been shown.

– The McRaes

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