McRae Family Update (09/21/21)

The last couple of years for Emmaus have brought a number of changes. Aside from everything that COVID meant for our daily operations and moving into a new office space, we’ve also been continuing to work on and refine both old and new Bible training programs. We now offer a total of 4 different programs at varying levels of engagment. Here’s an overview what what we do at Emmaus.

Our Programs

Our School of Biblical Studies offers the deepest level of engagment, where students spend 20 hours a week, for 10 months, to walk through the whole Bible using the inductive study method. During this time, students attend lectures twice a week, and dive deep into the historical background of each book. They even write their own inductively-informed commentary on certain portions of the text.

Our Biblical Narrative Series is designed to equip students with an overview of every book of the Bible over the course of 14 weekly lectures. This class is designed for both experienced Bible readers and newcomers and seeks to equip students with a big picture view of the Bible, while also exploring important themes and key historical background info for every book.

Our Foundations Course is for those who have gone through our Biblical Narrative Series and desire to continue going deeper in the Biblical story, but may not have the time required to attend our school. In this course, students are provided with an in-depth study of selected foundational books that are key to emphasizing themes and concepts that carry through all of Scripture.

Finally, our Discovery program is made up of introductory seminars. Some of the introductory seminars include topics such as: a Bible Overview, Inductive Bible Study Workshop, or specific book studies. Each seminar is done over the course of about 4 hours.

It’s been incredibly exciting to see the growth and refinement of all of these programs and we feel so blessed by seeing God’s movement in them.

School of Biblical Studies

This is proving to be one of the most difficult teaching years I’ve experienced so far with Emmaus. For our first semester in the School of Biblical Studies, I’ve been tasked with teaching Genesis, Judges, Isaiah, and Daniel. I’ve taught both Genesis and Daniel before, and while I still find them very difficult to prepare for, I love them both deeply. Judges and Isaiah are new to my teaching library and have really been stretching me, but the beautiful thing about this job is that there are always great returns on the time spent preparing for every new book.

And our students this year have been absolutely amazing, each one displaying a passion for engaging with the Bible and community.

And if you’d like a 30 second glimpse into my work week at Emmaus, here you go!

Family Life

While adjusting to having a new baby comes with inherent difficulties, Eleanor has been an absolute joy to us, and Benaiah seems to be warming up to her as well. Both of our kids are doing great and the greatest challenge simply remains learning how to be parents, but it’s been a lot of fun!

How you can partner with us

Our need is consistent in this ministry. If you would like to join in our mission of helping others experience God through his Word, here are a few ways:

  1. Financial Support – Would you consider joining our team at $100 a month or some other amount that’s significant to you? If you would like to give a one-time donation, set up a recurring plan, or increase your giving amount, you can do so on our ministry website here:
    And if you’re reading our blog for the first time or have never considered giving, we’d love the opportunity to talk with you personally about our ministry, why we love it, and to ask for your support, you can find our contact info through our website menu above.
  2. Become a “Key Holder” – If you’re unable to help financially, there’s another great way that you can help us! Are you able to refer us to 2-3 specific individuals who are passionate about supporting ministry? We’d love to meet with them and share our own passion for what we do.
  3. Support our Teaching – Although we are a community of teachers, we remain a community of learners who are constantly looking to grow in our knowledge of the Bible. As such, we’re always looking to expand our library of resources. If you’re unable to commit to monthly support, would you be willing to support our growth by buying a resource off of our wish list?

Thank you for all of your love and support!

The McRae Family

2 thoughts on “McRae Family Update (09/21/21)

  1. Hello McRae family! Merry Christmas! We got your wonderful Christmas card but it’s back in Homer and we are traveling in Arizona to see Josh and Aspen for Christmas! Glacierview took up a Christmas offering for our missionaries and we wanted to send your check right to you. What is your mailing address? Again, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Love Debbie

    On Tue, Sep 21, 2021 at 5:18 AM The McRae Family wrote:

    > Jacob & Samantha McRae posted: ” The last couple of years for Emmaus have > brought a number of changes. Aside from everything that COVID meant for our > daily operations and moving into a new office space, we’ve also been > continuing to work on and refine both old and new Bible training pro” >


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