The McRae Family Update

Hello again friends, family, and followers! As it may have become apparent to those following our blogs, we seem to have moved from a monthly blog to more of a quarterly update. Life has been moving at a rapid pace lately and the extra time required for writing has become harder and harder to come by! Thank you for your patience and support. Here are some updates on what’s been going on.

My most recent teaching assignment for the Emmaus School of Biblical Studies was a 6 hour lecture on the book of Acts. Teaching this book was a first for me and I’ll admit that it was an intimidating prospect! As a book that dives heavily into topics such as: the Holy Spirit, gifts of the Spirit, evangelism, financial giving, church dynamics, etc., it’s an extremely relevant book that engages all believers on a very personal level. Perhaps one of the most basic, yet powerful, themes that has impacted me through studying this book is the relation between prayer, obedience, and the movement of the Spirit. The amount of time that the Apostles and the early church community devoted to intentional prayer has really humbled me in light of my own prayer life, which is often lacking! And Acts presents a consistent theme of God moving powerfully in response to simple (though often bold!) acts of obedience and prayer.

Jacob teaching through the book of Acts

In other exciting news, our Biblical Narrative Series (a more accessible and condensed version of our School offered to the general public) has exploded! Our available seats for the program filled up fast and we even have a waiting list now for the next series. Our hearts feel full, being able to see our dreams realized through the Church coming together to know their Bibles!

Life in General and Prayer Requests
A lot has transpired since the last update! In November, I had recently started a temporary job at Panera in order to help supplement what has been lacking in our support. Unfortunately, in the time since then, our level of support has not increased as hoped. Samantha and I are trying to discern what God’s will is for our family as we continue to pray for increased support while searching for a job more compatible with our work at Emmaus.

Along with this, our lease is ending soon. Unfortunately, though Samantha and I are really feeling the need to update our living space to 2 bedrooms, the possibility still seems outside of our current financial abilities.

And for those who haven’t heard us talk about it before, it was recently SCN8A awareness day, and we would really appreciate your continued prayers for our Warrior-niece Ellie, who is still in the hospital’s ICU. But her parents and the rest of us are still looking to a day when she can ween off of her meds and live at home.

As we stated before, Samantha and I are trying to double our current support income. Our current support covers our rent and nothing else, so at this point a part time job is necessary. We would love to embrace what we believe God has called us to and work for Emmaus full-time. If you (or perhaps someone you know) would be interested in financially joining our mission to see the local Church engage their Bible deeply, click the link below to donate and help us reach our monthly income goal of $3000 a month. And if you’d like to talk with us more about who we are and what we do, we’d love to tell you more.

Enjoy the cuteness

The McRae Family

Help the McRaes raise funds for Bible training

Have you ever gone to open your Bible for a devotional and found yourself frozen, unsure of how to begin reading that foreign object? Have you ever made a goal to read through the entire Bible in a year… only to drop off somewhere around the “descriptions of tabernacle utensils” in Exodus? Do you ever wonder how Old Testament law, ancient Hebrew poetry, or parables from 2000 years ago could possibly apply to your life in a relevant way today? If so, then I’ll make a quick plug right here for you to consider joining us for our next School of Biblical Studies (

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then I hope I can give you a little bit of insight into our passion for what we do. You see, three years ago, my answer to ALL of those questions was “yes!” Three years ago, I found myself in a place where I knew that my Bible was supposed to mean something to me and make a daily impact on my life, but it just didn’t! This eventually led my wife and I to pack up everything we owned and drive from Alaska to Florida in order to spend one year studying the Bible 40+ hours a week with Emmaus Bible Ministries.

Why am I telling you all this? Perhaps this is old news to you. Well, that one year of studying the Bible changed our lives forever. And for the last two years (and the foreseeable future!), Samantha and I have dedicated our lives to helping others experience this same life transformation by getting to know God through his Word.

This is our purpose, this is why we get up in the morning: helping others to know God through his word has been one of the greatest joys and privileges we have known in life. In fact, we just had the incredible opportunity to see our class of ’18-’19 graduate.

This is just one more group of world-changers, ready to live transformed lives and impact other lives through knowing God’s Word.

The epidemic of Bible illiteracy is something we work everyday to eradicate. No believer should live their life unsure of how to approach their Bible, or feeling intimidated by it’s contents. We strive to help others actually mean it when they recall Psalm 119:105, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and light to my path.”

Here’s what I want to ask you. If this mission excites your heart and you want to actively contribute to helping others experience the Bible in an intimate and life-transforming way, then will you partner with us?

Samantha and I are in need of a significant increase to our monthly income. We want nothing more than to continue in our passion to fight the battle against Bible illiteracy. You can help us make this happen! If you feel God moving your heart to give, here is a link that will give you the necessary information for giving online or by mail: Click here to donate!

Here’s a testimonial video from some of our recent students

Thank you for all of your prayers and support. If you would like to talk with us further about how you can go deeper with your own Bible engagement, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we’d love to help! If you would like to schedule a meeting with us or hear more about what we do and how you can partner with us, let us know and we will try to make it happen over our summer travels (Alaska – June/Virginia – July).

Blessings from the McRaes