The McRae Family Update (5/6/20)

Friends, family, supporters, we hope this month of May finds you well! Like most of you (I’m assuming) we have been spending most of our days looking out of windows, hoping things will go back to normal soon. But if you’re anything like me, it might be a relief to hear about something other than COVID-19 for once. That being said, I also don’t want to skip over an opportunity to encourage those of you who may feel stuck somewhere between disappointment and despair. If that’s you, I’d like to direct you to our previous blog on The Doctrine of Disappointment. (I’d also love for you to reach out to us through our contact page!).

We also wanted to take a moment to extend our sincerest thanks and gratitude toward all of you. With the various difficulties and trials that we are all facing right now, Samantha and I were incredibly humbled and touched by the generosity that has been shown us this past month. Where we expected to experience a loss of support, we experienced an increase. We have truly felt the love! You all are amazing!

What’s been going on?
Aside from dealing with the same things all of you are probably dealing with, things have been going well here with us and our work for Emmaus Bible Ministries.  While things have certainly looked different, we’ve been plugging right along with classes through Zoom.

Picture of our students during their recent class on Hebrews

Speaking of classes, I recently taught through 1st John for our school, the last book I’ll be teaching this school year. It’s a great book to study as we begin wrapping up the school year for these students because it’s a book of assurance for believers. As a former student, I can testify to the wonderful problem of having a ton of new Bible information swimming around in my head, and this book does a fantastic job of summarizing deep theology in simple statements. For a six chapter book, 1st John has an incredible amount to say on things like the doctrine of God, sin, salvation, Christology, the Holy Spirit, and even eschatology!

What’s next?
Right now we’re getting ready to head into our final weeks of class with Revelation, followed by graduation for our students. As Student Coordinator of Emmaus, my current job has been to focus on processing applications for next year’s school, starting in August. This is always one of the most exciting processes, seeing other’s get ready for a life-changing year in God’s Word. (Cue the promo video!)

Prayer Requests
COVID has not come without its struggles for our community. One of our students recently suffered the loss of their father as a victim to the virus. Obviously, this type of loss would be indescribably difficult on it’s own, but the process of grieving and experiencing comfort from those around you has been greatly hindered through all of this. Please keep our students and staff in your prayers.
It’s also that time of year again, and Samantha and I are looking at the end of our lease coming up soon! We’re desperately trying to find an affordable upgrade to our living space in the remaining time we have left. There are couple things we’d like to ask for prayer on. 1. Either an increase in our monthly support or to find an affordable alternative living space 2. Some favor and guidance in trying to navigate this process amidst the additional obstacles that COVID has put up.

We love you all,

The McRae Family

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