The McRae Family Update

Hello dearest friends and family. Thank you once again for your patience as it has become increasingly evident that our family blog is moving towards a bi-monthly existence. We appreciate all of your continued attention and support and we hope you are are doing well amidst the seemingly ever-present chaos of 2020!

What’s New?
School has ended! As of the month of May, the students of the Emmaus School of Biblical Studies 2020, have graduated! It was truly bitter sweet to have witnessed the culmination of a great year with wonderful students, but to have our celebration somewhat hindered by the necessary protocols in response to COVID19. As you can see below, we were able to meet in person at the last, but not without taking precautionary measures.
At least it made for a cool band pic. We’re really proud of this group!

What’s next for Emmaus?
For our ministry, the first thing we like to do after each school year is ask ourselves, “How can we make this ministry better?” That means that our summers are primarily focused on improving existing programs and polishing our curriculum. Aside from that, it’s also a time where we can begin studying for next year’s lectures and work on raising more individual support.

As some exciting news, we’re also building the structure of a new program that we’re planning to “pilot” this upcoming year, the “Emmaus Night Course” (we’re working on the title).  Basically, this will function as an intermediary program of sorts, between our 14 week Biblical Narrative Series and our 10 month School of Biblical Studies. This program is designed for graduates of our Narrative Series who want to continue going deeper with their Bible study but can’t necessarily commit to the our 10 month school. It’s still in the planning phase, but we’re very excited to be adding yet another avenue of accessibility for learners who want to know God through His Word!

What’s next for the McRae Family?
This summer is a bit unique for our family in a couple different ways. First, Samantha and I have decided not to renew our current lease (which ends mid August) in favor of finding a larger living space. One bedroom is becoming increasingly difficult for us. This means that we have two months to pack up our stuff, find a new and affordable living arrangement, and move. We have a few options in the works, but would appreciate all prayer!

Second, I (Jacob) will be starting off our next school by teaching through the book of Genesis for the first time. For many reasons, I find this to be a daunting challenge, but one that I’m very excited about. So, much of the summer will be spent studying for this book. Here’s a sample of the books I’ve been perusing so far:

Though I’m only at the beginning of my preparations of Genesis, I’ve already been thoroughly enjoying the process!

Prayer Requests
1. Moving. This is definitely the greatest point of anxiety in our lives right now.
2. Emmaus. There are a number of new challenges arising this coming year, and between studying for new books and creating curriculum for new programs, it can feel a bit overwhelming. We would also appreciate prayer for wisdom and guidance as we prepare for the upcoming school amidst the continuing COVID19 situation.
3. Fundraising. As always, Samantha and I are working towards building our financial support base. Currently, I’m working part time at a local church on their facilities team to help supplement. While aspects of doing that are enjoyable, we’d love the freedom to focus our full attentions on Emmaus.

We love you all, and thank you for your continued support!

-The McRae Family

Obligatory Benaiah Pictures:

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